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The Chestermere Historical Foundation was established as a registered non-profit society in Alberta under The Societies Act, April 1 2011.  The Chestermere Historical Society, its predecessor, was established in 1971 and dissolved in 1994.  The by-laws of the Foundation are to be found By Laws Chestermere Historical Foundation Apr 1 2011 There was an amendment on dissolution which is attached By Laws Chestermere Historical Foundation Apr 1 2011 By Law No 20 June 13 2014 CHF


1.Creating a public interest in local and regional history with particular focus on the rail, irrigation and agricultural influence.

2.Discovering, preserving and perpetuating facts and artifacts relevant to an appreciation of the history of Chestermere.

3.Making historic artifacts available to all interested parties where possible.

4.Promoting, preserving and restoring historic entities with significance to Chestermere

5.Documenting Chestermere history in words and pictures, including family histories and the history of local clubs and associations.

6.Educating about local history

7.Encouraging and supporting historical events and programs working cooperatively with other agencies to this end

8.Working in cooperation with the Town of Chestermere, other local municipalities and regional historical societies to fulfill the objectives of the society

9.Encouraging research and publications relating to the history of Chestermere

Job Descriptions 

As described in the by-laws the duties of each Executive Member and The Board of Directors is described Here

Although not provided for directly from the by-laws The Foundation has traditionally elected a minimum of three members to the Board of Directors as Directors at Large.  These members are often Committee Chairs.  They are required to attend meetings and offer support to the Executive and be available for Board meetings as needed during the year and outside the regular monthly meetings.

The Casino Coordinator is also elected at each AGM and serves as the liaison with Alberta Gaming for the set up of raffles, and the casino which will be happening again in 2020.

There are no Standing Committees at the present time.  Ad Hoc Committees are struck as needed each year at the Annual General Meeting.  for 2017-2018 these were:

  1.  Fire Truck Committee
  2. Artifacts and Aquisition Committee
  3. Mural Committee
  4. Heritage Markers Committee
  5. Casino Committee
  6. Fundraising
  7. School Visits
  8. Recording Stories
  9. Advertising and Press Releases
  10. Program Committee ( this was struck after the 2017 AGM)

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