About the Chestermere Historical Foundation

The Objectives of the CHF are as follows:

1.Creating a public interest in local and regional history with particular focus on the rail, irrigation and agricultural influence.

2.Discovering, preserving and perpetuating facts and artifacts relevant to an appreciation of the history of Chestermere.

3.Making historic artifacts available to all interested parties where possible.

4.Promoting, preserving and restoring historic entities with significance to Chestermere

5.Documenting Chestermere history in words and pictures, including family histories and the history of local clubs and associations.

6.Educating about local history

7.Encouraging and supporting historical events and programs working cooperatively with other agencies to this end

8.Working in cooperation with the Town of Chestermere, other local municipalities and regional historical societies to fulfill the objectives of the society

9.Encouraging research and publications relating to the history of Chestermere

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