Casino date 2020 change offered by AGLC– need your input; Country Fair parade and booth September 7

Hello Members, 

AGLC has offered CHF draw in the third quarter of 2020 ( July/Aug/Sep) instead of the fourth quarter (Oct Nov Dec)  for our next casino. Send your input YES or NO on this by September 8th ( TELUS still not working).  Watch for the fire truck in the parade! Also if you can stop in and work for a 2 hour shift on Sept 7th at the CHF booth at the Fair ( curling rink lobby 10-4) please email. We hope to add names to the Conrich School photo albums, sell history books, memberships etc. and create interest in Chestermere’s history through projects such as The Sunshine Cafe and our public/art cairn project.  

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