Fire Truck Restoration

Fire Truck Update

July 13 – Melcor/Chestermere Station BBQ – thanks to Fire Chief Brian Pomrenke for arranging to have the truck out on display at the BBQ.  Thanks also to those who donated both time to work at the display, and those who donated monies toward the rest of the restoration.  CHF was pleased to also, that day, accept a cheque for matching funds of $1311.02 from the ScotiaBank Chestermere.  For a photo of this presentation click here.

Next up — watch for further restorations which are ongoing right now, the Show and Shine here in Chestermere, Saturday August 26th, and at the Chestermere Country Fair parade, Saturday September 9th 2017.

June 2017 – Sneak a Peek! at the Firetruck Saturday June 3 9:30am to 3pm –  Have you been wondering what has happened to the fire truck that the Chestermere Historical Foundation, has been restoring with the help of the Firefighters at #116 (formerly #59).  Well, wonder no more.  We are having a “Sneak-a-peek” on Saturday, June 3 from 9:30 – 3 pm at the Lifepath Wellness/Safeway parking lot. Come out and see for yourself.  We are so excited and want to share the excitement with you. We will be serving refreshments.  Donation would be greatly appreciated.  There will be a 50/50 draw! The bank of Nova Scotia will be matching our donations dollar for dollar, so even your tonnie will be $4, your $50 will become $100.  Or you could win the 50/50!  The Lakeside Kruzer will also be there with their classic cars, so come out and join us.  It will be exciting day!

Thanks to everyone who participated, especially Lakeside Kruzers for bringing out their vintage cars/trucks. Thanks also to all the past sponsors who attended the event, and the new donors and 50 50 purchasers the funds for which will be matched by Scotia Bank Chestermere.   For more photos from Marla Forth and also Peter Tindall, and Sonja Nicholson for the 2017 June 3 Firetruck Sneak a Peek click here 2017 June 3 Firetruck Sneak a Peek Photos by Tindall Nicholson and Forth

Marla Forth 2017

Marla Forth 2017

Marla Forth 2017





May 2017 – Have you been wondering what has happened to the fire truck that the Chestermere Historical Foundation, has been restoring. Wonder no more. Come out on Saturday, June 3 from 9:30am – 3 pm at the Lifepath Wellness parking lot. Unveiling at 10am. CHF wants to share the excitement with you. Refreshments. Donations would be greatly appreciated. 50/50 DRAW as well. The bank of Nova Scotia will be matching donations dollar for dollar, so even your toonie will be $4, your $50 will become $100. Or you may win the 50/50 Jackpot! The Lakeside Kruzers will also be there with their classic cars–it will be exciting day!

 February 2017 – The Historical Foundation is pleased to announce that great progress has been made on the restoration of the 1952 fire truck.  It is being safely stored at this time in the Chestermere fire hall under the watchful eye of several FF who have offered their expertise as we move forward to complete this restoration.  Watch for the truck to hopefully be out on the road this summer.  I know that CHF has made that promise before, but this time we are pretty sure we will be on the money!

1952 Ford truck used by the Chestermere Cabin Owners in the 60s and 70s as their fire truck. Photo by A McDonald. 18 Jan 2017


Restoring First Chestermere Fire Truck

Back in October 2011 , the keys to Chestermere’s first fire truck were handed over [by the Meier family] to members of the Chestermere Historical Foundation. The 1952 Ford was used from [1961 into the 80s] by members of the Chestermere Volunteer Fire Department, which was started by Wayne Paquette and Roy Berg. It began as the Volunteer Fire Protection group, and consisted of around a dozen active volunteers. The old truck was only used for a few years before it was replaced by a newer tanker truck, but it was still regarded as the first ever fire truck in the community. After it was replaced, it went into retirement for a few years, then it was later used by a welding company. Shortly after, it was officially retired, and then it sat in outdoor storage. Luckily, the truck was generously donated to the Historical Foundation by the Meier family, and it will soon make a reappearance in the community.

Fire Truck Finds a Friend – March 2013

If you were ‘born’ in 1952, some of your parts might not be repairable!  And so the story goes with the little 1952 Ford fire truck which is being restored by the Chestermere Historical Foundation. Serving the Chestermere Cabin Owner’s Association back in the 60s this little truck was purchased by the Chestermere Historical Foundation from the Jack Meier estate in 2011.  It is being restored slowly but surely and as the work moved along it became obvious to our Chef de Restoration, Vince Young, that some replacement parts were going to have to be found. Enter the Hugh McDonald family, who just happened to have a truck that could be purchased for parts. Jack McDonald, and his wife Audrey made a trip (trailer courtesy of Zane Southgate) to the farm out at Hand Hills and brought the truck back to Chestermere.  The little fire truck now has access to a ‘new’ cab vent, a replacement door, front grill, radiator and hood.  Although the little fire truck truck has been hiding out during these many months of tearing down and building back up, it will be on view at the next Show and Shine in Chestermere.  Some fire hose has been recently donated by the new owners of The Landing, a siren from Brent Paquette (see previous article), but the CHF is still seeking some firefighter jackets or hats from the 60s.


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