Chestermere and 1918 Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu in Chestermere 1918

“In 1918 the flu came to Chestermere as well as many other parts of the county.  Travel was restricted but not to the same extent as it is now.  Many newspapers were reporting deaths in Calgary and it was with great trepidation that anyone went to Calgary.  My Grandmother Kate Mackenzie, who lived at the south end of the lake, wrote to her cousin in Ontario that the family had to wear a mask when they went grocery shopping. For them this was Jenkins Groceteria in Calgary. Grandmother also wrote that ‘No one in our family died from this flu outbreak for which we are thankful.’ From Kay Clarke of Chestermere. Photographs of Kay’s grandparents Kate and John at their Chestermere home place where Kay now resides & poster from Glenbow Archives.

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