City Hall Historic Photos and Next Program 15 May 2018

Hello!  With thanks to Megan Matthies for arranging for ” A Walk Down Memory Lane” historic photos from CHF to be shown in City Hall lobby this week, along with the new display banner for Chestermere Historical Foundation.

Save the date!  Tuesday May 15th 6:30pm regular CHF meeting at the library to be followed by Kay Clarke  ‘Schools in Chestermere Area–from one room to many!’ at 7:30pm.  Hear great stories about schools and schooling, like this one as told about Len Baldwin, bus driver in Chestermere for many years.

“Horses and buses – The late Len Baldwin Jr recalls two stories about his Uncle Len Sr. and horses.  First, Uncle Len had to transport a Shetland pony. He decided the easiest way was to load it into the school bus for transport!   And that was not the only thing that connected his bus to a horse—Len was travelling east of Chestermere in the bus and came across a dead horse on the road.  He immediately tied it behind the bus, dragged it home and as it was winter and the horse was frozen, cut it up to use for dog meat.”

See the poster here for this event.

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