Chestermere’s History

“It’s very difficult for a society to grapple with deep questions of its own identity without having a sense of its own past.”   – Ben Fullalove ACAD

How did the City of Chestermere come to be?

If you are new to Chestermere you probably never thought about how this city came to be.  Why are people living here?  We have a unique history within Alberta going back to the early twentieth century.  There have been four history books published about the history of the Chestermere area.  First, Saddles Sleighs and Sadirons which is now available for you to read online, ( the supplement published later is not available)  and then there is  Growing Through Time which is also available.  ( at time of writing the U of C library webpage supporting these downloads is being updated) .

The most recent book Chestermere A Home for All Seasons is still available for sale, you can find this on our webpage or often at events where CHF is displaying or present.

Also, CHF presents regular programs outside of and at meetings.  Check What’s Happening page for these events.



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