Historic Boat Launch Trip – Virtual Version

Missed the historical launch trips that were held on Chestermere Lake this summer?  Don’t worry, you can catch all the photographs AND stories in the comfort of a nice chair in the Chestermere Public Library, Tuesday October 16th at 7:30pm in the Community Room.  FREE, everyone welcome, this is also child friendly.  Hear some interesting and fun stories about the history of this lovely lake community from pioneer times to present day.  For information 403 200 8046 OR you can go here 2019 Virtual Boat Tour Chestermere Lake to see a pdf version of the slide show presented. 

‘A Day in the Life’– history for elementary school children. 

Every spring and fall, local elementary  schools contact CHF to present the program “A Day in the Life” about what life would have been like for a  child living on a farm when Chestermere was first a farming community. Photo below of Kay Clarke who designed the program at Prairie Waters Elementary with table of artifacts which children are able to handle.   Click-here  to see more on this story. 

In 2018, a new venue, CRCA Day Camps August 7th and 8th – CHF did two programs, one on the history of the lake and the Calgary Yacht Club, and another A Day in the Life with homemade butter and other special presentations. ( see photos below)  

2017 – 2020 Programs and links to PowerPoint Presentations 

History of the Calgary Yacht Club at Chestermere – Michael Hooper  Tuesday May 17 2017;  read more about the program here

Pre-settlement History of Chestermere. Todd McBride ; fur trade, RCMP, what was happening before the railroad came; first European contact. Click here. 2020 Pre-Settlement History presentation Todd McBride 

Indigenous History of our Chestermere Area – ( no PowerPoint available) Ray Blanchford.

Historic Schools in Chestermere – Kay Clarke Click here. Schools in Chestermere Area -Kay  And dialogue for slides here. Talk – schools in Chestermere area – Kay 

A Lake at Chestermere – Kay Clarke November 15 2016 – see the PowerPoint Chestermere History – Kay 15 HC Nov 2016 and read the dialogue talk Chestermere History no slides – Kay H.C. Nov 2016

Sport Excellence in Chestermere Bill Peddlesden – stories of some of those who excelled in Chestermere in sports. For Powerpoint 2019 Feb 20 Bill Peddlesden sports in Chestermere

A Train Station at Chestermere – Kay Clarke   21 March 2017 –  For PowerPoint click Chestermere Station – Kay, for dialogue click Talk Chestermere Station notes – Kay

Chestermere Women of UNIFARM – Apr 16 2019 Kay Clarke – For Powerpoint click UFWA Kay Clarke 2019 July HCW

Go Stamps Go – Shelley McElroy – 21 May 2019 preview not available. 

The History of the Blackfoot Trail and Chestermere Connection – 16 Oct 2019  Eileen McElroy preview not available 

What Kay Saved– 21 July 2020 – Jen Peddlesden reviewed some historic scrapbooks created by long time cabin residents Kay and Ed Lowney.  PowerPoint 2020 June 16th What Kay Saved Kay Lowneys Albums a Sampler

Growing Through Time – Part 1 – Jen Peddlesden reviewed some of the stories from the book plus new photos. Tuesday April 21 2020 PowerPoint here. 2020 Growing Through Time A-H Cabin Owners

Growing Through Time – Part II – Jen Peddlesden reviewed more stories and new photos of families featured, or maybe missed, in this book. May 19 2020 Powerpoint here. 2020 Growing Through Time Cabin Owners Part II

Historic Calgary Week 2017

Kay Clarke, July 31 2017 “Early Farm Settlers and Formation of the Lake”  at The Whitecappers Room 201 W Chestermere Drive, 7pm.  Her talk emphasizes the interdependence of Chestermere and Calgary.  You can see the PowerPoint here  Early Chestermere Area Residents – Kay and dialogue here talk Early Chestermere residents – Kay

For the whole schedule of Historic Calgary Week click here. 

A Day in the Life

Since 2012 Chestermere Historical Foundation has been visiting the Elementary Schools to present “A Day in the Life” to show Grade 1-3 children what it was like to live on a Chestermere farm in the early days of settlement in this area.  Click here for the dialogue talk School program gr 2-4  to go with the photos below. 

And following photos and story about the first visits to the school done by long time Chestermere area residents Joyce McElroy and Lorraine Gillespie in 2012 and 2014. 

And the whole thing began in the spring of 2012 when  two long time Chestermere residents, Joyce McElroy and Lorraine Gillespie, presented their stories of what it was like to be in Grade 3, in 1939.  An important part of the story was Lorraine telling about seeing the King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth. Their daughters, Elizabeth (our present Queen) and Margaret, did not visit. Every student received a commemorative medal. See photos to right and the dialogue they used for the presentations to Prairie Waters School.  You can read an Anchor article about the first visit these fine women made in 2012 here.  And their second 2014 visit here. 

Their visit was transcribed and that document can be found here  Joyce McElroy Lorraine Gillespie 31 Jan 2012 and 15 Jan 2014 The many wonderful questions from the youngsters are at the end of the document. 

In 2015 Bill and Jen Peddlesden, Kay Clarke and Ray Blanchard presented at CLMS Grade 7 students as part of ‘Chestermere Know it All’  on the reasons why Chestermere has become a city;  Social, Political, Demographic and Economic.  The students then presented to City Council how they thought Chestermere could be come an even better city.  Read the article here. 

In the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 CHF was requested to do programs about Chestermere for Grade 5 at East Lake School ( Kay, Jen and Ray) They reprised in a short form the talks given to CLMS. (photo of Kay Clarke below right) 

And Ray Blanchard returned to speak to a bilingual science class at East Lake on ecosystems, nature, wetlands and the oil industry. (photo below left) 

(photo Right) 2017  Bill Peddlesden presented on immigration as part of the Grade 9  Social Studies program at Chestermere Lake Middle School.  

Aspen Crossing

Dessert Theatre November 2012 and 2013 productions in aid of the 1952 fire truck restoration. Read more about the truck here.

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