Play Ideas Needed by Dec 18th Meeting!

The play CHF is having written may feature “Headlines about Chestermere” — so if you have any ideas of headlines that were an important part of Chestermere’s history, send us YOUR ideas via our contact link.  It may not be a real headline, but one you think would highlight an important event or time in any of Chestermere area’s history.  “Peter Fidler Map of Chestermere Discovered in Attic, ”  or  “Lake Pathway Opens to Dissenting Crowd of Chestermerians,”  “Mayor Announces Chestermere is a City,”  “No Jail for Chestermere!,”  ” Community Argues; What to name Reservoir #1?”  You get the idea?  Let your memories and imagination free, send in your ideas, click here.

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