Public Art

             Historic Chestermere Materials to become Public Art

Thanks to donations from the City of Chestermere over the past few years ( 2017-2019), CHF is moving ahead to use these pieces of historic material to create a cairn, or piece of public art to be displayed in a park in Chestermere.  There are two brass plaques, a pile of bricks from the original summer village office, address numbers and the letters TOWN. 

Following approval in principal by the City of Chestermere 20 Nov 2018 a search was started via this webpage for a design. Also, a Request for Proposal was sent to University of the Arts, Calgary Arts Development, and Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and Alberta Culture with no response. Historical Public Outdoor Art – Call for Artist’s Design

In 2019 a preliminary site was chosen along the retention pond at the NE corner of Rainbow Road and Chestermere Boulevard.  (see map below). A design titled ” Word of Mouth” was created by Illarion Gallant with assistance from local Pastor, artist and CHF member, Preston Pouteaux.  Using the historic materials, they added a time capsule, and the brushed aluminum horns which will resonate with the wind, or be used for citizens to speak into. History is passed along with artifacts and stories–many by “Word of Mouth.”  CHF has also suggested that the park be named “Retention Park” as it borders Lift Station #10 on which CHF placed historic murals sponsored by EPCOR in 2013.  This opens up the idea for other historic installations for this park. 

The design and narrative were approved by the CHF Membership in May. ( see design below). A statement about the piece and its historical significance is found here.Narrative for Chestermere Sculpture 2020 including time capsule May 19 FINAL approved at CHF meeting

The City will hear a presentation by CHF on Tuesday July 14th at 6pm in order to get the next level of approval from the City.  Everyone is invited to attend and provide support for this unique historical project which will celebrate the history of Chestermere from a Summer Village to a Town and now a City. What a great story! 

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