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Historical Fish!

Thanks to Ray Blanchford, naturalist and historian who has lived in Chestermere area since the early 70s, we need to be aware of the danger of the loss of our fish habitat and the local Alberta fish population!  He has kindly donated to the Chestermere Historical Foundation his two stuffed West Slope Cutthhroat trout.  You can see them in a special diorama in the library as of April 2019.  Read more about these native Alberta, cold water fish here  Ray has also kindly donated videos that he has made about our local Alberta fish, many of which he has raised in his ponds here in Chestermere. Pick  up a video  at the library or call Ray at 403 279 9293.

Photo by Ray Blanchard, West Slope Cutthroat trout raised in his ponds in Chestermere



The ’88 Olympics Come to Chestermere Library! 

It has been 30 years since Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics.  Chestermere Historical Foundation and the Library are celebrating that 30 years with a display of artifacts loaned and purchased from a number of Chestermereians.  Click here for the article in The Anchor.  The display will be up until June 2018.  Thanks to the following families; The Forths, The Domstads, The Specks, The Spankos, The Peddlesdens, The McDonalds, The Lornes and The Howards.  

Sports in Chestermere Over the Years 

      Ever since the dam was built and Chestermere Lake created back in 1906–it has drawn those who love water and the sports that can be played on or in it.  From the first people who launched their rowboats, to the modern day motor boats and sailboats which populate the lake in summer, to the snowmobilers and ice fishermen,  it has been an ‘oasis’ on the dry prairie for those looking for adventure in all seasons.  

        Don’t miss seeing the display at Chestermere Public Library March to August, 2017 of sports in Chestermere.  It was difficult to cover all sports but thanks to donations from a number of members most of the main sports are covered.  

CHF looks forward to your comments and suggestions for this or other displays, please contact us via this webpage on the contact us link.   Thanks to the Chestermere Anchor for publishing this article on the display.  

Is it just a fishy story?    (see answers below) 

         The pike aren’t biting because they’ve lost their teeth…*

        Don’t use corn as bait, the fish can’t digest it…*

        Check out the article in the display for answers to these questions ( or see below!). 

Who made the 1988 Olympic Torches and what has this got to do with Chestermere?  

        Check out the Olympic Display to learn more about the late George Hansen. 

How big are the fish in Chestermere Lake? 

       Check out the stories about Emil Spielman and Roseanne Jackson and their giant fish—and you can see them in City hall!Or go to this page to read more stories about BIG Chestermere fish. 

Why was Lakeside Greens golf course so important to Chestermere’s development? 

It all has to do with water!  Check out the display for more information.

           Lakeside Greens Golf Course

“By 1990 the project was ready to develop, including bringing [Calgary] city water to Chestermere Lake. Fifty percent of the cost was to be contributed by the developer [Lakeside Greens Development] …that was the only way  that the project and Chestermere would grow…”  page 97 Chestermere a Home for All Seasons.

*fish continually lose and replace teeth. The old wives tale that says that when fish are not biting in summer, they have sore mouths and have lost their teeth is not true.  In summer, they have more to find to eat, so bite less readily.

*fishermen who found corn in the stomachs of the fish thought that the fish could not digest it–biologists say that it is difficult for them but fish DO digest the corn eventually.

Aerial view of Lakeside Greens, taken by Keith Turner 2005

       The Calgary Yacht Club at Chestermere Lake 

What is the oldest sailing club in Alberta?  

The photo in the display is the oldest known photo of the first club house of the CYC.  There is not date but this is believed to be in the 1920s. The trophies pictured are still in the possession of the Yacht Club, the one on display donated by the Hoffners who owned the local store. You can hear more about this at the presentation by former Commodore and active CYC member, Michael Hooper on  April 18 2017.  Michael’s family have been out at Chestermere for many years and Michael’s family very involved in the sailing club and promoting the sport of sailing.  The presentation will be held at 7:30pm  following the regular CHF meeting at 6:30pm, at The Calgary Yacht Club, 635 East Chestermere Drive.  There is no charge to attend, but CHF always love to have new members at the old fashioned price of $5.


Calgary Yacht Club first clubhouse

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