Who and What was a Ditchrider – Part Seven Edward Ross

A Scottish born ditchrider next, Edward Ross, who arrived in Canada 1909 bringing wife Elizabeth ( Betty) and daughter Edna over in 1910. Living in Winnipeg, then Wardlow, they eventually settled into the Winona District ditchrider home, near Baintree, close to Rockyford.  They lived there until 1939. That year, Ed took the job of ditchrider at Chestermere, leaving behind  friends and beginning a new life near the lake. By now the Cadet Camp (1937) was operating ( where present Camp Chestermere is) and the Rosses set up a signal system, so important telephone messages could be transmitted from their home to the Camp. A more recent connection to Chestermere, is that Great-Granddaugher Christine Hegi’s husband Tom’s family owned a cabin here for many years.  Read more about Ed and Betty  here.

Edward and Elizabeth Ross 1940

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