Who and What was a Ditchrider – Part Six – James Henry May

James Henry May was born in Butte, Montana, one of five children, the only one born in the USA to the May family. 

Mr May,  his wife Beatrice and their family moved to Chestermere in the spring of 1938. 

The little Chestermere ditchrider house was swelled with happy guests when the wedding reception for their daughter Alice was held there. 

By now, The Canadian Pacific Irrigation District was maturing. The system had  been in use since water first ran into Reservoir #1 (Chestermere Lake) in 1905 ( Flow Beyond the Weir, 1994, WID p 22) 

This photo shows that by the late 30s much work would need to be done  to keep the dam and canals in good working order. 

Read more about James Henry May here.   Photo from Glenbow Archives – taken by Western Irrigation District – Resloping banks, Chestermere Lake, 1939 NB 39 538 


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