‘Word of Mouth’ Coming Soon! Pioneer Acres Trip 21 June Sign Up Now!

It is finally happening! 

       Installation of the concrete/brick base for ‘Word of Mouth’ the public art piece using Chestermere municipal artifacts is moving ahead.  See more here. 

    The first photo is the finished piece, the second one is the location marked off in the retention pond at the NE Corner of Chestermere Blvd and Rainbow Road. 

     Thanks to Ron Forth, Volunteer Project Manager, who picked up last week the aluminum pipe from designer Illarion Gallant in Victoria ( see first photo). This pipe will anchor the art work in the concrete/brick base, the upper artwork to be installed at a later date, see picture of the finished piece.  Third photo is the location in the retention pond.

     Thanks to Manny from Adrenaline Earthworks, Rick van Gelder from Chestermere Parks Department, and Ron for their work on this project. 


     Every year CHF organizes an outing to celebrate and investigate local history.  Pioneer Acres is an amazing museum and CHF has planned a day of visiting and activities.  https://pioneeracres.ab.ca/ See poster for outing details, please sign up by June 19th. 

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